If CVfacemasks.com were running the USA government what would we do to fight COVID-19 ?

Posted by Charlie on Apr 11th 2020

1. Distribute facemasks to everyone and require people to wear them and maintain a 6 foot distance when in public. We would do our best to enforce this rule.

2. We would release clear guidelines of how to avoid getting this disease.

3. We would spend a lot more effort so we have enough testing for every person in the country. This is not easy but it is needed. If we are going to open the country we need to be able to test people quickly and have almost unlimited testing capacity.

4. We would work with google and facebook to help us create an app that would be a database of who is infected, who was infected and is now cured. The app would be GPS based and it would have the ability to alert people if they are near a CoronaVirus hotbed. The app would also allow people to enter int heir age and medical history to see who is higher risk. Organizing all this important data is important so that we can open the country as soon as possible. The app will have an algorithm and if it determines through all the data we collect that you are in a high risk area it will alert you so you can be extra careful.

5. We need to expedite the creation of a vaccine. Our government should arrange a meeting with the pharma companies, Bill Gates foundation, apple, Tesla, Google, and Facebook. For example maybe Telas Neural Network can help a Pharma company in decoding a cure for the disease using machine learning technology that Google and Tesla and Apple have. AI and machine learning should be able to assist the pharma companies to solve this issue. If we mesh tech and Pharma great things can happen.