About Us

Our company is normally a manufacturer of audio and accessories including travel bags for speakers. We decided to re-purpose parts of our operation to manufacturing and distributing facemasks on the internet.

We did this because when we needed to buy masks we realized none were available on the internet. we decided to manufacture them ourselves for our own company and we quickly realized we can manufacture millions of them very easily. Our company has a lot of employees in China and we have expertise in manufacturing and online distribution.

In order to help our country we decided to re-purpose parts of our operation to fill this need. Our company is the perfect fit for this. We have manufacturing experience, warehouse and online distribution.

Our goal is to get high quality masks to people who need them to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus. We will NEVER price gouge here. We are currently air shipping all our inventory from China which definitely raises the cost as oppose to putting them on a boat to arrive in 40 days. If not for UPS and Fedex raising their costs to ship the masks from China to the USA us we would sell them even cheaper.

All our masks are FDA approved and we are only buying high quality inventory from reputable vendors in China. We also have workers living in the factory making sure our production is prioritized.

Another reason we are doing this is to make sure as much of the production capacity in China is allocated to the USA. If we do not do this our country will have less masks available overall because some other countries will use the factory production capacity for themselves.